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Technology Portfolio - Overview

ICUK currently has a portfolio of 52 technologies in fields ranging from nanotechnology to stem cell medicine. We are looking for commercial partners, including licencees, distributors, investors and developers to bring these technologies to market, both in China and the UK.

Our current portofolio is divided into the following sectors. Click through to each sector to find out more about our technologies:

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ICUK was set-up in 2007 to support staff exchange, feasibility studies, proof-of-concept research and joint commercial research and development projects with a £3 million Collaboration Fund. A total of £2.79 million has since been awarded, including 39 Partnership grants and 33 Proof-of-concept projects.

Click here to learn more about our process on allocating the £3million Collaboration Development Fund.

These projects make up the ICUK's technology portfolio which are ready for commercialisation. We are looking for potential commercial partners, for example – licencees, distributors, local Chinese developers or investors.

Our portofolio is divided into the following sectors and technologies are either at the later stage of development (Proof-of-Concept phase) or earlier stage (Partnership Stage). Click through to each sector to find out more about our technologies.

These technologies were funded through the ICUK Collaboration Development Fund. Please click the link to find out more about the funding process.

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